Female Latex Mask
Ashley: The unbelievable Female Latex Mask

female latex mask

The following is my experience with purchasing an Ashley female latex mask.

Female latex masks are tons of fun. If you’ve never seen a female mask, it’s basically a very realistic latex mask of a woman that slides over your head.

I got mine from CTOutlet.com, and it’s called an “Ashley Female Latex Mask”. It’s a wonderfully crafted mask, i put it on easily. It’s made of movie-quality foam latex. It sungly fit to my face and I immediately got this exhilarating feeling. I personally love role play and transformations, so for me it was dreamy. I put some make up on the mask, just light lipstick and blush. I already had a wig so I put it on. 

Later that day I decided to put on my skirt suit and drive around. It was a wonderful experience. I didn’t really get any weird stares, but a couple of young men did look at me, because I think they were attracted to me. 

Then I went on cam, first into the transgender rooms, which went well. I got a ton of compliments. Then I decided to go into the straight room. It was so cool as most men assumed i was female! I had a very hot chat with a 29 yo guy from Nebraska. 

It’s a great mask and it’s tons of fun, I highly recommend it.

If you would like to buy this mask, please go to:

Ashley Female Latex Mask from CTOutlet.com